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Download it here and try out the new Eye Candy 4000 demo included in the file

Creating Dingbats Basket Mask Frame Ceramic Tiles
Creating an Acorn Crystal Mirror Gradient Text
Decorative Border Tiles Create a CD Create a Recipe Box
Create a Bird's Nest Drawing a Shelf Etched Glass
Digital Poinsetta Filigree Frame Faerie Wings
Fancy Flowers Faucet Drip Glass Bowl
Glass Cross Globe Hook, Line & Sinker Jewelry Tag
Lovable Lips Lovely Leaf Frame Luminous Glow
Magic Carpet Ride Message in a Bottle Midnight Snack
Mini Blinds Multi-Colored Butterfly Receipe Box
Satin Pillow with Lace School Lockers Sepia Reflections
Shadow Box Sparkler Globe Sterling Silver Hearts
Strawberry Stoneware Vase Sun Sparkle Frame
Translucency  Shadow & Inner Bevel Vase of Flowers
Fiery Text Playing w/Fire Swirled Text
Quick Marble Tile Quick Text Transparent Text
TV Tear Drop Valentine Card
Joy's Swirl Bkg Neon Text Lava Lamp
Vanishing Text Egg Bevel Glass Frames
Vertical Blinds Washboard Quick Buttons





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